About Maxton


MAXTON unites feeling with technology.
Our mouthpieces are state-of-the-art.
Their handling is unparalleled in simplicity.


ur mouthpieces are manufactured and quality-assured in Austria. The know-how is MAXTON’s own and we manufacture our products using specialist industrial machinery. Years of research and technical development have lead to the creation of a mouthpiece with unique properties for convenience of playing. We have worked very hard to optimize both the materials and production methods until we could truly guarantee our unequalled precision. With the help of a revolutionary process, the facing curve is milled onto the mouthpiece. Thus our mouthpieces receive the perfect shape, while you achieve the perfect result.

The musician’s talent is no longer constrained by the limits of the instrument. We offer you the most modern mouthpiece with a minimal margin of fluctuation. Our precision is unequalled and it is our seal of quality. With the smallest
effort the sound becomes more stable, more direct, clearer and fuller. This is
precisely the reason why professional orchestra musicians and hobby players alike will rely on our products, regardless of nationality or playing style. They can feel the difference from embouchure to attack to adjustment. Every time, every day.



e are the centre of excellence for woodwind instruments. We are MAXTON. For ten years we have stood for quality and innovation, always striving for the maximum in terms of sound. Company manager Martin Fluch is a musician and instrument maker in one person. As a professional clarinet player for the Austrian ORF-Radio Symphonic Orchestra in Vienna (RSO) he fully understands the artist’s aspiration as well as necessity for constant improvement. The Viennese orchestra tradition, very much embodied in Martin Fluch himself, is setting international standards. At the basis of this lies the quality of the instruments. Like the skills of a musician, this very basis also requires constant challenge and development.

Martin Fluch founded MAXTON in 2008 with this thought in mind, and has dedicated himself to musical innovation ever since. Today partners from around the world swear by MAXTON. Our work starts where other products have reached their limits.
Because quality is our paramount concern and because we are constantly optimising our processes, we can offer you perfection as you have never experienced before. We do not source any parts from third parties. Instead we build them ourselves with the help of our partners. We utilize the latest scanning and laser technologies. Our highest priority during the manufacturing process is to constantly analyze the timbre while making technical adjustments. Experience our finest quality products for yourself, so nothing may stand in the way of realising your true artistic potential.


We offer you the perfect tools to achieve the maximum sound.
All of our mouthpieces come with the MAXTON Tune-Tools:


Special synthetic rings for a perfect seal between clarinet and mouthpiece. Our Tone-Rings come in different sizes, allowing a very precise fit inside the barrel.


Inconspicuous, but indispensable. The little screwdriver will allow you to loosen and change the rings in one simple move.


These patented grooves facilitate the changing of the Tone-Rings while preventing damage to the surface. Fast leverage, fast tuning.