I highly recommend the Vienna Music Company. They offer personalized service and provide professional assistance in selecting the appropriate instrument for you from among the complete line of Uebel clarinets. I purchased a pair of Zenits that have a warm, flexible sound and high quality key-work. Larry Frank of Frank Woodwind Repair, sets your instruments up to your specifications.

Ken W.

Absolutely the best. Super knowledgeable team and the best equipment I’ve ever tried. My “go to” for all things clarinet.

djdg 86

On top of that they carry superb instruments, they are very professional. They customize clarinets as your needs and desires with expertise and honest feedback. The service is always sufficient and makes me happy. Highly recommended!

Paul C

I absolutely love the Uebel clarinets. Not only does it have a beautiful warm sound, they are focused and have the ring in the sound that everyone wants. I used to play on Mobas and as soon as I tried the uebel, I had to switch. I finally found my sound. You can’t beat the customer service.

David S.

Vienna Music Company is excellent. You receive personalized service in selecting a superior Uebel Clarinet. I personally purchased a set of Zenits but all models give a very dark, warm sound that is flexible and tunes well. The key work is superior to other models on the market.

John F.

Vienna Music Company is great! They truly care about their client and provide the best Uebel clarinets and service. Also, It is always a pleasure to visit the showroom. Strongly recommend visiting there!

Jin Y.

If you purchase a clarinet from here, you get a 2 year warranty from Larry Frank Repair Shop. Larry is an excellent technician and knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing Uebel Clarinet with me.

Daniel K.

Vienna Music Company was recommended to me by our private music teacher in Kentucky. I began corresponding with Vienna Music Company and we were able to select the perfect instrument for my son. The service was prompt, respectful, courteous, and personal. They were able to accommodate my needs and ship an instrument immediately. I highly recommend them for their expertise and their care.

Saima R.

I’m beyond grateful my daughter’s private teacher recommended Vienna Music Company. They are highly professional and delivery was fast and as promised. I highly recommend this company.

Rochelle B.