Once you get Uebel clarinet in your hands from Vienna Music Co., not only you experience the highest quality of craftsmanship, but the specific customization will follow for your need and tendency. Larry Frank is a skillful, experienced, and authorized repairman for F. Arthur Uebel clarinets. He sits down with you as you play your instrument and works on your wishes.

  • Pad Adjustments/Replacements: Instruments ships directly from Germany with fine sealing condition. However Larry always double checks to have them in better security. It comes with leather pads, and he can change them to black Valentino pads if you like.
    Such pads work immediately and reduce the pad noise drastically whereas leather takes time to completely settle in with the tone hole.
  • Key Mechanism Adjustment: Larry works with you to get rid of all the possible mechanical key noises an instrument might have. Also if a certain key or ring position is not right for you, he adjusts them.
  • Spring Tension: Key tensions on new clarinets might not feel right for you. If certain things bother, Larry makes them comfortable for you. His main goal is to have a player feel even.
  • Toneholes: Based on your playing style, Larry will undercut/overcut the toneholes. Whether a note is stuffy or bright, pitch is high or low, he will make it right.
  • Adjusting(Reaming) Barrels: All F. Arthur Uebel Clarinets come with 2 or 4 barrels in different lengths and appearance for your pitch flexibility. If you prefer the resistance of the horn to be different, Larry also can work on it so that the instrument might blow freer or more resistant